Regular Dental Checkup

Getting regular dental checkups is essential for preserving a healthy smile. They are an important part of proper oral hygiene, and we recommend that our patients visit us every six months to keep their teeth and gums in top condition. Through regular checkups, you can ensure that your mouth stays healthy and your smile remains bright.

Regular Dental Checkups In Tomball, TX

Regular dental checkups every six months are crucial for achieving and maintaining a healthy and attractive smile. We understand that people often face multiple demands on their time, which can lead to postponing these vital dental appointments. However, please don’t delay the care that you deserve! During your routine visits, we will take several steps to ensure that your mouth is clean and healthy:

  • Dental Cleanings and Exams: Our friendly dental hygienists will clean and polish each of your teeth to remove any remaining plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria. They will also pay extra attention to hard-to-reach areas that you might miss when brushing and flossing on your own.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings: We can screen your mouth for signs of oral cancer as a preventive measure. Early detection of this disease can significantly increase the chances of successful treatment.
  • Gum Disease Treatment: If we detect any signs of gum infection, we will take immediate action to get your gums back on a healthy track. This can help prevent tooth loss, which can occur as a result of undiagnosed gum disease.
  • Preventive Treatments: Depending on the outcome of your exam, we may recommend fluoride treatments or dental sealants to help prevent future dental issues.

At Willow Creek Smiles, we strive to provide you with a clean mouth and a great-looking smile.

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  • What happens during a dental cleaning?

    A dental cleaning typically involves the removal of plaque and tartar from your teeth, polishing to remove stains and smooth the tooth surface, and flossing. Your dentist or hygienist will also assess your oral hygiene and may offer recommendations for improvement. The appointment might also include a dental exam to check for signs of decay or other problems.

  • Does a dental cleaning hurt?

    Most people do not find dental cleanings painful. However, there may be slight discomfort, especially if there’s significant tartar buildup or if your gums are sensitive or inflamed. If you have concerns about pain or discomfort, talk to your dentist or hygienist before the cleaning begins.

  • How often should I get a dental cleaning?

    Most dentists recommend that patients undergo a dental cleaning every six months. However, some individuals may need cleanings more frequently, especially those with a history of periodontal disease or other specific oral health issues.

  • What are other preventative dental care strategies?

    In addition to cleaning and polishing your teeth, our dental cleaning process also includes several preventive services, including:

    • Dental Sealants: Protecting deep grooves and pits in your back teeth with a sealant makes them easier to clean and reduces the risk of decay or cavities.
    • Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, fights sensitivity, and reverses demineralization, a process that can lead to tooth decay. Dental insurance typically covers fluoride treatments for children.
    • Oral Cancer Screenings: This deadly disease is linked to viruses like HPV, exposure to the sun, and tobacco/alcohol use. Early screenings can save lives, which is why we include a cancer exam as part of every checkup appointment.
    • Diagnostic X-rays: Periodic dental X-rays help us identify new areas of decay or bone loss around your teeth so we can treat them in the least invasive way possible before they worsen.

Is It Time For Your Next Checkup?

If you have more questions about dental checkups and other preventative dental care, please contact our office and we will be happy to discuss further.

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